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EPISODE 7 Primo Management IT Model Management Paras Talent Management

Though getting into the international market is aspired, demand for local and regional markets are very lucrative and it is up to these agencies to supply the talents. Primo Management in Hong Kong, IT Model Management in L.A. and Paras Talent Management in Shanghai continue to provide outstanding models and develop local talents.


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Primo Management (Hong Kong)

Primo Management Limited is a leading international modeling and talent management agency in Hong Kong that used to be a branch of Elite Model Management. The now independent “Primo” is dedicated to the discovery, management and promotion of the top talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Macau, and internationally. It has set the standards in Hong Kong for the past 20 years, and continues to provide outstanding models and talents for fashion shows, advertisements, TV commercials, editorials, promotions and exhibitions.

Primo has created a number of stars and top models including Cathy Chui, Chiling Lin, Vanessa Yeung, Balia Chan, Ankie Beilke, Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Konnie Lui, Mango Wong, Fiona Braidwood, Carmen Tsang, Mandy Lieu, Kelly Fu, Edwin Siu, Dickson Wong, James Ho and Brian Li.

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IT Model Management (Los Angeles, California)

With a combined 30 years in the business, Linda Robirds and Marlyn Klaarmond founded IT Model Management on June 2015. Practically a new agency, IT has already built an extensive “A-list” client roster that represent areas in Fashion, Commercial, and Fitness.

In this series, be introduced to sports model Lauren Collins and get to follow Lauren Gish on her cover and editorial spread shoot for Port Beach Magazine.

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Paras Talent Management (Shanghai, China)

Paras Talent Management is one of the most renowned agencies in Shanghai. It is the first Chinese talent management company to open in the region back 2002 by founder Fang Hua with the aim to develop fashion talents both from the local and international market.

Paras has discovered and nurtured top Asian models, including Ai Li, Jie Wei, Emma Pei, Lili Ji, Grace Gao, Sissi Hou, Lily He, Ruoyang He, Xiaoyin Wang, Lee L and John Lyu, who have made their mark in the global fashion industry.