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EPISODE 6 Dulcedo Management ICE Model Management New York Model Management

If you constantly produce at least one of the Top 50 Models in the World, then these agencies are picking and grooming them right. Dulcedo Management Montreal, ICE Model Management in Cape Town and New York Model Management are the sure place to go, having developed Elle Macpherson, Nikki Taylor, Valeria Mazza, Marc-André Turgeon, Jarrod Scott, Jason Anthony, and no. 1 male model of the world, Mathias.


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Dulcedo Management (Montreal, Canada)

Co-Founded by Milad Sahafzadeh and Karim S. Leduc, DULCEDO Management represents one-of-a kind individuals who possess that special spark that makes them shine brighter than the others. Due to their “out-of-the-box” thinking philosophy, the agency is a favorite for edgy brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Zara, and H&M. They represent models that are part of Top 50 worldwide including Marc-André Turgeon, Jarrod Scott, Mikkel Jensen, Laurie Harding, Rachel Mcknight, and Mariano Ontañon

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ICE Model Management (Cape Town, South Africa)

Steffi Freier founded ICE Models on 1995 in Cape Town, South Africa. With immediate success, the agency opened offices in Johannesburg in 1996 and Durban in 2000. Over nearly 2 decades, ICE Models has earned its prestigious standing as the leading model agency in South Africa, providing full-service model management (scouting, development, placement) for women and men as well as bringing top International models to South Africa for direct bookings.

Notable male models include Filip Hrivnak (Top 50 Male Models), Jason Anthony (Top Earning), and Dudley O'Shaughnessy (Hot List). ICE also represents famous South African model/actress, Charlbi Kriek.

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New York Model Management (New York, USA)

Launched in 1995, L.A. Models’ sister company, New York Model Management, is quickly achieving the same notoriety. While maintaining an ever-growing presence in the fashion center of the United States, New York Model Management also books talent with clients, photographers, and magazines directly into Paris, Milan, Miami, and other major industry cities.

Some of the top models represented by New York Models are Elle Macpherson, Nikki Taylor, Valeria Mazza, Brigitte Rose Swidrak, Tayla Collins, Andrew Cooper, Will Lemay, Will Chaulker, Ryan Locke and Mathias - ranked the number one male model in the industry. It is the force behind new faces like Tatiana, Carol S. and Catrina Stella.