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An agency’s main job is to represent fashion models, investing in the development of their talents so they can increase their status and experience. It’s a notoriously tough industry to pursue, but every agency searches for something different and is on the constant pursuit of the next big name in fashion. For this episode, we’re featuring the model management companies: Wilhelmina Models Modeling Agency in Vancouver, Canada, Diva Modeling Agency in Dubai, and Jill Models Management in Belgium.



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A global modeling brand with over 40 years of experience leading the business; Wilhelmina Models Modeling Agency in Vancouver, Canada is an affiliate of the renowned New York based Wilhelmina label. This independently owned Canadian headquarter specializes in the development and placement of top models in the local and international market. As a global extension of the Wilhelmina brand, this agency is also trained under its founder’s philosophy; believing that beauty, elegance and glamour, makeup the true essence of a model’s success.

Today, Wilhelmina Models in Vancouver is maximizing the diverse talent that Canada offers, having new faces being regularly scouted by professional agents. Wilhelmina top models such as Kelly Thomas and Kristine Labelle, together with the rising ranks of the agency’s new faces, are gracing the stages and pages of all international markets and high-fashion publications, including popular magazines such as Vogue and Style Magazine.

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Diva Modelling Agency (Dubai, UAE)

Decorated with an all-white, chic Manhattan-like interior and a multi-cultural, fashion-forward staff, make up the headquarters of Diva Modelling Agency in Dubai. Former haute couture fashion model and managing director, Nicole Rodrigues, started the company in 2003 with a vision to create a modeling institution that protects the rights of models, promoters and clients alike.

Diva Modelling Agency is one of the pioneers of Dubai’s modelling industry. With almost 14 years of experience, the agency has become a key player in most of Dubai’s high-profile fashion events. The company has around 2000 local and international models, and has worked with the best clients and international fashion labels such as Nike, L’Oreal Paris, Marks & Spencer, Gucci, and Cartier.

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Jill Models Management was established back in 2009 by former model Jill Matheuweze, who has over 20 years of impressive modelling experience. Jill Models is a boutique agency that focuses on the development and management of modelling careers in the international market. With Jill’s impeccable know-how of the industry, scouting for ideal faces is meticulous.

The agency is currently handling more than 140 male and female talents, working the global stage and being featured in several top tier fashion campaigns. Top models such as Soo Joo Park, Lo Verplancke, Viktor Van Pelt and Ajuma Nasanyana are just some of the many favorites that have worked with high-fashion labels such as Prada and Tom Ford.