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Behind every successful model is a modeling agency made up of a team of hardworking professionals that are invested in the development of their talents. In this episode, let’s have a look into these model management companies: Esteem Models Modeling Agency in Seoul, South Korea; Outlaws Model Agency in Cape Town, South Africa; and Magteam Model Management in Poland for a behind-the-scenes look at the Fresh Faces Poland Competition.



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ESteem Models Modeling Agency in Seoul, South Korea was founded in 2003 and has since then become the most prestigious agency in the region. Though relatively new to the industry, ESteem has built a reputation for itself as being the top modeling agency in South Korea in addition to being an expert in fashion event production and producing global runways.

Two years after its launch, ESteem broke out on to the global scene and expanded outside of South Korea into markets in fashion capitals in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Among ESteem’s impressive roster of models are top models like Soo Joo Park and Ji Hye Park.

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OUTLAWS MODEL AGENCY (Cape Town, South Africa)

Located in the heart of South Africa against the beautiful backdrop of Cape Town, OUTLAWS Model Agency represents some of the hottest models in the industry. Established in 1991 by founder and former model Rod Zane, Outlaws has a long-standing history of providing some of the most talented faces in the industry.

The agency represents an average of 70-80 local talents at once, with many more models located abroad. Though the agency is relatively small compared to others, Zane believes that this allows the agency to give their models the attention that they need. Among this intimate list of models are industry favorites like Candice Boucher and Natasha Barnard, as well as newcomer Nicole Meyer.

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MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT (Fresh Faces Poland, Poland)

Fresh Faces Poland is an international competition hosted by Magteam Model Management that shows off the talents of aspiring models from over 30 countries. Though Fresh Faces Poland/ is not an agency in the traditional sense, the international fashion modeling competition follows these same tenets and is dedicated to fostering the careers of aspiring creatives in the industry.

With agency representatives attending from around the world, the pressure is on for both the models to make an impression and the agents to find the next talent. While all of the models in attendance have a fair chance at impressing the agents, only one lucky winner is guaranteed a shot at an international career.