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EPISODE 3 L.A. Models Montage Models Vivien Models

In demand agencies such as L.A. Models, Montage Models Toronto and Vivien Models Sydney run fast paced well-oiled machinery that continues to produce quality talents and are often the “go-to” agencies for clients like Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Fendi, and countless more. With the likes of Sui He, Sanne Vloet, Emily Fox, Coco Rocha, Ine Neefs, and Nina Agdal on the booking portfolios, who wouldn’t want to take the bait?


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L.A. Models - Los Angeles

In just over 29 years of operation in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of modeling, founder Heinz Holba has built L.A. Models into one of the most powerful and successful agencies in the industry. Director of Runway, Crista Klayman, boasts of the agency having the largest runway division and no wonder two of L.A. Model’s pride Sui He and Sanne Vloet are part of the biggest runway event, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Success stories also include Laura L., Clay W. Karlina Caune, Riley Montana, and Sarah Brannon.

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Sutherland Models - Toronto

Co-Owners Nadia Canova and Nadja Martini established Montage Models for 25 years now and cater to clients such as Chanel, Fendi, Dolce Gabbana, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss and more. This boutique agency have developed local beauties into super starts which includes Emily Fox, Lisa Cant, Tsana Latouche, Francisco Lachowski, Gabriel Aubry, Betta Lemme and Audrey Price. According to Ms. Canova, their girls are known to be professional, polite and great to work with, that’s why they are in demand for bookings.

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Vivien Models - Sydney

Vivien’s is the second longest established agency in the world and is internationally recognized as one of the leading agencies in Australia. Opening in Sydney in 1967, branches in Melbourne (1972), Brisbane (1988) and Perth (1996) then followed. There is a strong management team in each State, with most of the agents/managers having a long-standing association with the agency, ensuring expertise and efficiency in dealing with our talent and clients. The location of Vivien’s offices in four States ensures the talent is able to take advantage of opportunities anywhere in Australia and seamlessly transfer within a national network, which remains a family owned and operated concern.

Success representation stories, icons and influencers include: Coco Rocha, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Ine Neefs, Ruth Bell, Nina Agdal, Josephine Skriver, Antonina Petkovic, Michelle G., Brooke Hogan, Courtney Eaton, Kristina Mendonca, Michaela Wain, Ruby Green