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Ever wondered what it really takes to become a successful model? This week on Agencies, we take you behind-the-scenes of three of the industry’s most well-known modeling agencies to bring you the answer. From learning how to walk the walk to qualities beyond just looks, we take an inside look into what top model management companies look for in their talents and learn the ins and outs of this multi-billion dollar industry.
In the newest episode of Agencies, we visit Fusion Model Management in Cape Town, South Africa, TZL Celebrities Agency in the heart of Spain and EAT Models in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Each agency specializes in a different kind of talents. Fusion is a boutique industry who prefers to keep a small roster of models in exchange for a family-like atmosphere, while TZL Celebrities Agency specializes in representing celebrity talent––in addition to finding new talents. Meanwhile, EAT Models is the biggest agency in Kazakhstan and doubles as a modeling school at the same time.

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The newest episode of Agencies premieres on Tuesday May 10. Visit our program schedule for your local schedule.
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