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The modeling industry has seen a lot of changes along the way. With the introduction of social media and advancing technology, it’s not only become easier to penetrate the modeling industry on your own, but also for well-known agencies find fresh new faces for their own recruitment benefits. So, how do these aspiring young models get their foot in the door and climb the ladder to supermodel status? With the help of caring and passionate professionals like Karine Roman, the Director for New faces & Scouting for LA Models. Former model and host for our hit special Model Camp: LA, Karine spares a few precious moments to share with us what’s it’s like working alongside some of the industry’s most promising models and helping them learn the ropes for one of the most competitive careers on the planet.

Get to know Karine a little better in our exclusive interview down below!

What does a typical day look like for you?
My day and my life revolves around responding to dozen of emails and meeting with models. We receive hundreds of submissions through emails and social media, so we have to go through every single one of them. We meet often with our models, the new and experienced one as well, mostly for guidance, support and to set goals for their career.

Can you tell us more about the history behind L.A. Model’s Model Camp and the agency itself?
The model camp was created for both of our agencies, LA Models and NY Models to give the opportunity for young models to learn the basics of modeling in a couple of days. They work with photographers, have runway class to learn how to walk properly, how to dress and how to be healthy and fit. They learn about social media and how to handle their career. It's also a great way for young girls to bond with each other and share this unusual journey they have chosen.

Did you always dream of working in the fashion and modeling industry?
Never!!! Even though I absolutely love what I do!

How did you come into the position of Director of New Faces & Scouting at L.A. Models?
Other than the few years when I took care of my own children, I have been in the modeling business my whole life. I started as a model at 6 months old and ended my modeling career with my first pregnancy at 27, represented by LA Models at the time. I became an agent for our photographers and was offered a position at LAM. I couldn't pass it by and felt it made complete sense as it was all so familiar to me. I love developing these young people into working models. It is so special to find someone that has no idea how beautiful they are and show them how it takes much more than just the outside appearance to be a model. Because personality is a big part of his or her success, their beauty needs to also come from the inside,

Each model must have individual career paths in mind. How do you help them meet their goals?
It's an endless process of meetings and very different processes, depending on each girl.

From your experience, how has the modeling industry evolved since joining L.A. Models?
The industry has completely changed since the introduction of social media. Models used to be pretty inaccessible and you would have to go through their agency to book them for a job. Now anyone can proclaim to be a model and be on social media. I think it’s sad that everyone is so over exposed, and I believe it has made the "shelf life" of a model much shorter.

Are there any challenging aspects to operating Model Camp?
We have been very lucky so far and have not encountered any issues or challenges other than the amount of food those little monsters can go through!

Have any famous or successful models under L.A. Models emerged as a result of Model Camp?
We have a couple of girls from our camp that are now established models and doing great, but for the most part they are all between 14 and 17 so it takes a few years for them to really fully develop.

Are there trends in modeling like there are in fashion? For example, is one type of hair, eye color or ethnicity in one day and then out the next?
Yes, there are trends in the modeling world just as in fashion. Right now it is all about being "ethnically ambiguous"! And I believe we are almost done with the very weird looking models with big ears (Amen to that!!!).

What advice would you give aspiring models wanting to break into the industry?
Please, only deal with professional people and legitimate agencies. It shouldn't cost a dime to be signed to an agency. If someone asks for any mone, run!!! When you are introducing yourself for the first time to an agent, please dress neatly. Hair and nails should be always clean. Attitude and personality will be the most important things, so make yourself stand out!

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