Elie Saab Conjures the Magic of 60s Glamour with His Gorgeous Gowns

Join us as we enjoy the Elie Saab Paris Couture collection for spring/summer 2015 where burlesque star Dita von Teese was also in attendance.

The Lebanese designer spoke proudly of his home town, Beirut, describing it as “the prettiest city in the world” and it was from there that he took his inspiration, especially noting the 1960s as the time he considers to be the most beautiful. He also speaks about a striking memory of his mother wearing a long dress with flower details and this feminine elegance was a clear influence for the entire collection.

Sumptuous dreamy gowns in a sea of pastel candy colours like powder pink, ivory, pistachio and muted blue successfully conjured up the glamour and opulence of the past, with sequins, beading and crystals adding twinkling and glittering impact. There was also a heavy use of feathers, both as a trim on cuffs and hems but also entire garments covered in ostrich plumes as Saab explained he considers them a very feminine element that is rarely used in modern fashion. Floral themes were also prominent with printed and oversized embroidered motifs as well as scattered petal detailing. The delicately belted classic floor length gowns with their intricate transparencies glided down the runway evoking visions of timeless movie starlets and beauty queens whilst the shorter party dresses gave bubbles of the fresh youthful glamour of prom queens and debutants. Despite the strong vintage influences it was a gorgeous collection still suitable for the femmes of the modern world.
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