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We are down to the final two contestants. It’s a battle between Judith and Elke. Let’s get to know Judith more and her journey to become Fashion One’s Benelux Correspondent. Judith 2 Tell us something about yourself? I'm a sprightly 20 something who's on a bright and shimmery path ahead to launch my own jewelry line. I'm a part time actress, a dancer and a full time musicaholic. I have a very open minded, philosophical and positive approach to life and approach new experiences or anyone I meet in the same way.   Why do you want to be the next Fashion One Correspondent? Fashion has always been a passion of mine and I love that there are always new trends, talent and things to be discovered. I would not only love to represent my region as a Fashion correspondent and show all the diversity and talent the Benelux has to offer but also discover uncharted territory and share this experience with the viewers.   What's your edge over the other competitors? My in-depth and widespread knowledge of fashion. From a very young age, I've had a very strong interest in fashion and even before I could read, I had my hands on every fashion magazine I could find. So you can say I started following up on the latest developments in the Fashion world at a very young age and never stopped ever since. Because of this innate curiosity, I have a very broad knowledge about fashion; whatever the style may be and whether it's international or national, established or 'up and coming' designers or whether it's African, Indian or Paris fashion week, I always have my eye and mind open for what's happening.   What's your strategy? I don't really have a clear-cut strategy for this competition; I'm just gonna be myself, dive in to this competition and give it my all throughout and with every challenge!   Who is your biggest competitor? Why? I think Elke is one of my biggest competitors; She really puts a lot of effort in her style and is the most driven to work in the fashion industry.   What's your favorite challenge? My favorite challenges were the interviews. Whether it was the street challenge in Amsterdam, where we had to interview random strangers while presenting them with crazy requests, or the interview with Romain and Selina. I love meeting new people and hearing about their stories, their passions or just getting to know someone or something new; the difference was that this time I got to do it with a camera looking over my shoulder.   What is the most memorable moment during shooting?  The whole experience itself was quite memorable but if I had to pick one moment, it would have to be the first challenge at the Miele catwalk event in Brussels. It was our first real 'presenting' challenge and challenging it really was! When it was finally my turn to shoot I was so nervous, that I felt more like a deer caught in the headlights than a glamorous tv presenter in the spotlight. It's like that first jump in the pool when you're just learning to swim; after your jump in the cold water it feels like a sink or swim situation (and sink I did ;)) but I did come out better prepared and ready for the next jump ;)   What makes Benelux different/unique from the other Fashion and Entertainment capitals of the world? The Benelux holds a lot of talent when it comes to fashion, music and art. Between Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg you'll find a similar culture with slight cultural differences that gives them their individual identity. I don't think that fashion really defines our culture here in the Benelux but when you look at our art history and architecture, you can tell that we definitely have an eye for aesthetics. Maybe that's what inspired so many of our great (and internationally renowned) fashion designers or what attracts so many international aspiring fashion designers to Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts.   About Judith: I'm a creative centipede currently working on the launch of my jewelry line and web shop. I'm currently also working on a project that brings together three of my passions: acting, music and dance.   I'm of African, Belgian and French origin and grew up with not only a multi-cultural background but in a very cultural environment as well, which translates in a very eclectic taste when it comes to fashion, art, music, culture...   Through my late teens and young adulthood I struggled with my health which made me put things more in perspective.  I believe it's important to live your life to the fullest and to do something you love. So a while back I dusted of those old dreams and ambitions and decided to just go for it; after all a dream worth having, is a dream worth living!   I've always loved fashion, even as a child I loved putting together my outfits with the matching purse and shoes (using my mom as inspiration); I admit, I sometimes cringe when I look at some of my childhood pictures for at times I'd seem to have suffered from a bit of color blindness and not every outfit was a success but at least the passion was there even at that young age!   To me fashion is about creating a look for yourself that you're comfortable with no matter what the trend or style is. Through fashion we get to express as much or as little about our self as we want to. Some people like to keep things simple, while others like to go all out and express their taste and personality through their style.
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