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With his 25 years experience or experience in the entertainment industry, Jim knows how to attract an audience in the broadcast media. Dubbed as the “Stern Father,” Jim’s constructive criticisms and advice would definitely be a life lesson for the contestants. Here’s Jim’s take on the show. Jim 1. What makes a good fashion correspondent? What do you look for in finding the next Fashion One Correspondent? A good fashion correspondent has extensive knowledge of current styles and trends in the industry, a personal style and image that visually identifies her with the fashion industry and most importantly, has the communication skills and industry knowledge to ask appropriate questions and follow-up questions in on-camera interviews. I look for: fashion background, excellent communication skills, good image with a sense of style and the ability to make people relax while interviewing them. 2. What will viewers expect in this Benelux leg of the Fashion One Correspondent Search? What makes this leg exciting? Viewers will expect the Benelux winner to adequately represent them in the finals and be good enough to win the final Search. This leg is exciting because the Benelux area is the "birth place" of European fashion. 3. What makes Benelux different/unique from the other Fashion and Entertainment capitals of the world? Benelux is different from other fashion areas because many European fashion trends originate from this area. Some of Europe's most distinguished fashion designers claim Benelux as their home. 4. Which of the tasks the contestants did is your favorite? I like any of the tasks that show their interviewing and conversational skills. For example, I especially like when a contestant listens and hears the response... AND is able to ask an appropriate follow up question. 5. If you were to put in another task in the competition, what will it be? I would add a category in which each contestant has to conduct 3 interviews within a 6-minute time frame. This would demonstrate their ability to quickly adapt to each unique situation.  6. Any advice for the fashion correspondent or for those who want to be one? Practice, Practice and Practice 7. What are you looking forward for the fashion and entertainment industry in 2013? I'm looking forward to more fashion changes, new styles created with purchase affordability in mind. I feel the global entertainment industry is shifting to "mobile platforms" and soon the world will be getting more of their fashion news from iPhones and iPads.  About Jim: Jim York is the Founder and Director of the Palm Beach and Miami Film Schools. The educational objective of the Palm Beach and Miami Film Schools is to teach students of all ages how to write, shoot, direct and edit their own short, character-driven comedy, drama or horror film. He created this film school concept to enable students from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn how to take a creative film idea from a concept to reality and actually make a film at an affordable tuition. Jim has been the Executive Producer of over 400 student films of which over fifty have won achievement awards at various film festivals. Jim’s strengths include helping graduates with internships and securing entry-level employment positions in the film and video production industry. Jim is an industry professional with over 25 years of top level school management experience which includes working as the Executive Director of the Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting, the National Admissions Director for the Columbia Schools of Broadcasting, and the franchise owner and founder of the CSB/Boston School. Jim graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a degree in Education and did post-graduate work in Corporate and Political Communications at Fairfield University.
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