The group dynamics are thrown off balance with a departure, an arrival and illness.

    However, the show must go on, a fashion film must be made and so to the mountains the ladies go. With all these obstacles in their path will Mother Nature show them some mercy?


    Five fiery females meet for the first time and are thrown straight into their first challenge; make a fashion film using the Chinese element metal as an inspiration.

    Stilts, claws and an abandoned warehouse kick the series off. Will the girls come up with the goods?


    Water, camera, action! The group has bonded and the ideas are flying so the girls waste no time in boating to a nearby island. Mirrors, frozen ice and Jet Ski's cram this episode full of adventure.

  • WOOD

    Scraping the bottom of the wooden barrel. With the model overheating, the make up dripping and the wood chips flying, the girls struggle for inspiration as they tackle the Chinese element wood.

    Islands, forests and mangroves are just some of the locations used in this episodes fashion film.

  • FIRE

    The girl who played with fire. Actually make that five girls and one very scared safety advisor.

    Caves, houses, candles and flares releases a crazed pyromaniac that none of the girls saw coming. This fashion film is sure to heat up.


    With only two days to incorporate 5 elements into one fashion film, the girls have to push themselves to the limit.

    Tensions are rising and nerves are breaking as the director heads to the skies to capture the Fashion Filmmakers. After all their efforts will Ika Butoni be satisfied with the results?