Tian Yi – Profile of the Chinese Fashion Model to Watch

Tian Yi is one of the most popular Chinese fashion models to be spotted on the runways in recent times.

Tian Yi's modeling career began when she was 16 going on 17, and has been modeling for the past two years. She reveals that her agency found her through the Models.com website and immediately booked her for New York Fashion Week. She admits to being quite surprised as she still doesn’t know who put her pictures on the website – a veritable Cinderella story.

Renowned French make-up artist Violette loves to work with the fresh-faced beauty, who is a two-time Vogue China cover girl. “She’s like a canvas,” says Violette, “you can have fun with her face and she’s very inspiring.” “She’s very modern, so even if you make her really classic, she still has this modern touch,” adds Violette.

Tian Yi is definitely in demand at the moment, with three upcoming fashion magazine covers, and has worked with some of the biggest brands in fashion and beauty, including H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sephora.

When quizzed on her favorite fashion week, she replied, “If I have to say a place I think it’s New York.” Her reasons include her mother being in the city, and her father joining them to attend model castings.

Making friends and wearing pretty clothes are the two things that make her really happy to be doing her job, although a downside for her is the amount of time spent waiting. She is, however, determined to keep as busy as possible, as the future is always uncertain.
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