Gauchere Takes Center-Stage with Cubist Collection for Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion One host Maiken Lorentz brings you an exclusive designer’s interview with Marie-Christine Statz for Gauchere's Spring Summer 2015 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Statz explained that the inspiration behind the collection came from Italian artist Duilio Barnabé, who worked in the early-20th-century avant-garde art movement of Cubist art. Cubism is the base of Statz’s new collection, and its effects can be seen in the use of color blocking, mixing fabric textures, straight lines and graphic cuts.

Using different fabrics allowed Statz to channel one of the key points of Cubism, “to see all kinds of facades at the same time,” as she explained.

Silk, organza and cotton fabrics could be found in several of the creations in the collection, but printed snakeskin also served as one of Statz’s inspirations. In addition, as with many of her past collections, each piece can be mixed and matched to every customer’s liking.

Using different fabrics within one piece allowed the idea of different kinds of dimensions, another aspect of Cubism that Statz incorporated into the collection.

Commenting on the collection Statz added, “To me it was very important in this collection to work with round, organic shapes and straight lines.” This idea clearly influenced the cuts of many of the pieces in the collection, and built to one which will surely be well remembered.
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