Hilary Duff Goes Green: Top 10 Celebrities with Candy Colored Hair

Hilary Duff with her seafoam locks on The Ellen Degeneres Show.
Nicole Richie's daring pink pixie cut.
Katy Perry's My Little Pony themed multicolor hair.
Nicki Minaj's pastel pink and yellow do.
Kylie Jenner is more subtle with a black and teal ombre.
Zosia Mamet's silver locks.
Kelly Osbourne loves lavender.
Lady Gaga is partial to white as of late.
Demi Lovato in striking magenta.
Remember when Rihanna was a redhead?
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Manic Panic and Hot Topic clichés no more, colorful hair has become somewhat of a staple in mainstream beauty. Seen everywhere from the runways and the red carpets, to on the streets and at your local grocery store, people hardly bat an eye when they see vibrant locks these days.

With Hilary Duff going seafoam green as a part of her comeback and Nicole Richie revealing a daring hot pink pixie cut last month, candy colored hair is still going strong and is shaping up to be one of the hottest looks for spring.

Get inspired and bring some color into your fresh spring look with our top 10 favorite celebrities with colorful hair.
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