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Have you ever struggled finding the right pair of glasses? I believe most of us experienced this issue. I am ready to reveal a solution to your problem- Velvet Eyewear. It was the first time I walked into their show room and was greeted with Bella, Ava, Betty, Jami, Lola, Lucy and few other ladies. I felt great chemistry as we were introduced. These are names of many fabulous styles this opulent brand offers and somehow a lot of them fit on different types of faces. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Founder and creative director of The Velvet is Cynthia Hussey who found her inspiration for the collection in European painters, engravers and musicians, The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and designers including Wilhelm August Rieder and Ambros Rieder.

Wearing Velvet eyewear you will feel feminine and unique but that is not all. Quality is impeccable as sunglasses and optical frames are all made in Italy. Velvet’s BB lens sunglass protection locks in your beauty because lens is formulated with specific attributes that block out 100% of harmful UV rays, reduce heat and eye strain.

Check out all the great options on http://www.velveteyewear.com

Eyes on Velvet Eyes on Velvet Eyes on Velvet Eyes on Velvet
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