Karina Smirnoff hosts JCPenney’s New Year, New You Fitness Event

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It is new year so we all try to make ourselves better than last year. Most of us start with better physical appearance and with a healthier life style.  Karina Smirnoff from  “Dancing With The Stars” hosted JCPenney's New Year, New You Fitness Event in their SoHo showroom in NYC.  Known for her great shape and fit figure Karina showed us her dance moves. I have to say no matter how comfortable JCPenney's Xersion and CityStreets Activewear latest collections are it was not an easy workout.  ’m excited to partner with JCPenney to showcase ways to feel great from the inside out.These clothes are comfortable, super cute and sexy, and fit the body in all the right places,says Karina.  

Fellow Dancing With The Stars Henry Byalikov also brought his expertise to the floor teaching salsa and high octane routines to the excited participants. Nutritionist Melissa Petitto was onsite creating delicious and healthy juices and smoothies.

Juicing has grown in popularity and I wanted to share some of my tips and favorite recipes today,mentions Melissa.  Karina’s Double D, a refreshing mixture of carrots, ginger, fennel, apple, carrots, and mint was a signature nutritious cocktail Melissa and Karina came up juicing with “Bella High Power Juice Extractor” and “Magic Bullet Blender”.

Season 18 of Dancing With The Stars is about to begin but the dance star didn’t give much away.  Karina: I haven¹t heard anything yet so I am just as anxious and excited as everyone else! When asked who would be her ultimate dancing partner, dead or alive, she said, Michael Jackson. His talent and dancing was amazing and it would have been an honor and a treat to dance with him”

Karina Smirnoff wearing CityStreet and Xersion Activewear while teaching a danceclass at JCPenney's New Year, New You Fitness Event

Henry Byalikov and Karina Smirnoff Dancing at JCPenney's New Year, New You Fitness Event in SoHo

Karina and Tijana

Karina Smirnoff and Tijana Ibrahimovic

Karina Smirnoff Juicing at JCPenney's New Year, New You Fitness Event in SoHo

Karina Smirnoff shopping with CityStreet Activewear at JCPenney's New Year, New You Fitness Event in SoHo

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