Able Wanamakok
Name: Able  Wanamakok
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Able Wanamakok is an experienced international television host, news anchor, film actress and Emcee (MC). She is currently acting as the content provider/producer for Fashion One in Thailand. She speaks fluent English, Chinese (Cantonese) and conversational Thai. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States, she has forged a stellar career in mass communications and broadcast media which has allowed her to showcase her many talents on television networks throughout Thailand and worldwide. She has starred in travel documentaries, and has hosted news programs and international events. She currently appears on international television networks such as Fashion One. She has been a sought-after model and has acted in feature films alongside big-name actors including Ted DiBiase and Michael Rooker. Able’s natural ability to connect with the camera opened doors to a successful hosting career and she has been featured in numerous magazines and articles including Harper’s Bazaar Thailand and Thailand Tatler. Able is well-spoken, polite and charming, and creates a strong presence both on and off screen.

Sep 11
5:03 AM
A passion for fashion
A passion for fashion
The modeling industry in Thailand is a tough business. And just like everywhere else on this planet, any aspiring model who hopes to be a star must have at least the basics – modeling skills, outstanding beauty, know-how, they must...