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The modeling industry in Thailand is a tough business.

And just like everywhere else on this planet, any aspiring model who hopes to be a star must have at least the basics – modeling skills, outstanding beauty, know-how, they must have a high profile, and they will need to cultivate a wide-ranging network of social contacts.

Emmy Ladseeta, the CEO of EM Modeling and Bangkok Event Entertainment, one of Thailand’s top modeling agencies, has literally worked her way up from the bottom and knows exactly what it takes to succeed.

Her booming business now provides all kinds of modeling and entertainment-related services, including male and female models, actors and actresses, DJs, singers, music bands, and presenters for events, advertisements, parties and functions throughout the Kingdom.

Emmy started in the fashion business while still a schoolgirl in Korat when she began selling clothes, cosmetics and perfumes to her school friends.

Her passion for fashion blossomed and she set out to carve out a niche for herself in the high-powered industry.

When she finished high school, Emmy studied Computer Business at Bangkok's Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, and she started modeling after classes to help pay for her studies.

She loved modeling and all the glamour and luxury of the high-society parties that went with it, and the modeling world loved her right back.

Kamorat Ladseeta Emmy

“I worked as a sales rep for a cosmetic company, and also as a PR girl, helping to distribute brochures and so on," she said.

"When I finished my work, I would help the event organisers manage things, which I found very interesting.

"The more I learned about the modeling business, the more I wanted to make it my life's work."

After graduating from university with her business degree, Emmy set up her own modeling agency with her best friend and introduced herself to the major Thai event organizers.

She then used her early fashion experience to set up her own clothing company and began designing her own clothes collection under the name 'Vayla by Emmy', focusing on the elegant, casual and easy styles.

Kamorat Ladseeta Emmy

Business boomed, and her company is now one of Thailand's top agencies, providing all kinds of modeling and entertainment-related services.

But this human dynamo is not content to rest on her laurels. She has even bigger plans in the pipeline.

“I want to play a more prominent role in promoting Thai fashion throughout Thailand and abroad, so I am setting up a new company with Belgian and French partners," she said.

"The new company will be called Asia Fashion Design, and our website, thaifashiondesign.com, will specialise in promoting local designers and manufacturers.

"We expect to launch before winter."

Kamorat Ladseeta Emmy

Emmy is also developing a new social platform called ‘Casting Call Asia’ which will help local talents become more visible.

But despite her hectic workload, Emmy still finds time to relax and she reboots her energy on weekends by heading down to Hua Hin for some fresh air – and to meet with her many clients who are based there.

"Hua Hin has a lot of potential in the fashion and the event business, so this could be yet another business opportunity," she said.

After more than 10 years in the fashion business, Emmy has some good advice for aspiring models.

Kamorat Ladseeta Emmy

“Firstly, you must have inspiration and you must love what you are doing," she said.

"And you must be disciplined and modest, and always be looking out for new opportunities because, let's face it, a modeling career doesn't last long."

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