Seasonal and Sustainable: A Sit-Down with Chef Magnus Ek

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This week, we sat down with Chef Magnus Ek of the internationally known Oaxen restaurant in Stockholm. Ek originally opened the restaurant with his partner, Agneta Green, on the small, isolated island of Oaxen near Stockholm (hence, the restaurant’s name) and has since moved it to another island called Djurgården. Chef Magnus’ food philosophy is highly based on sourcing and preparing foods that are local and sustainable, and that same philosophy is what has made Oaxen one of Sweden’s most famous restaurants. Oaxen’s menu changes seasonally, and the food is always locally sourced, sustainable and––of course––delicious.

Learn more about Oaxen and Chef Magnus Ek in the interview below!


STEPHANIE: What sets Oaxen apart from its competitors? MAGNUS EK: The ingredients we use are always well chosen, seasonal and almost always locally produced by someone we have a connection to, plated on local ceramic and of course our own style off food with almost always some dish with a ingredient you normally wouldn’t find in a fine dining restaurant.

What is the secret to being/becoming a successful chef? Devotion and the love for food.

What are your favorite dishes to eat? Raw or cooked red shell fish


What is the most important part of presenting/plating a dish? Trying to plate so that the guests eat in the way that you think the dish should be eaten and in a beautiful way.

Where is your favorite place to travel, culinarily speaking? Faroes islands

Where do you see Oaxen heading in 2016? Forward! It's going to be fun seeing what the expansion of our garden will give us.

Oaxen and Chef Magnus Ek will be featured in the newest episode of Fashion On A Plate, airing next Monday. Visit for more information.
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