Stars and the New Moon for Malan Breton

Known for his crisp tailoring and cheerful palettes, Malan Breton re-invented his trademark aesthetics for his New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 show, entitled “Stars”. Inspired by the New Moon during the Chinese New Year (the show itself was close to that date), the colors simulates “the concept of the rising sun and the full moon at midnight.” As such, the opening piece—worn by musical theater actor Frankie Grande—was a fuchsia tuxedo with a silver cummerbund, and he carried a helmet with him, symbolizing the “Man on the Moon”. Conversely, the closing piece—worn by actress and model Kiera Chaplin—was a 16th century royal gown of bright orange.

“The ending with the Sun and the Sun Goddess was sort of a concept of new beginnings…for so many people because with the things that are going on in the world right now, there’s so much opportunity for people to grow and evolve,” Breton told Fashion News Live. “…The reason why I call this show ‘Stars’ is because I wanted the stars to symbolize individuals that inspire me…that come from all walks of life.”

Though there are a couple of hiccups in the show such as the trench coat-clad model in nothing but his underwear, the majority of the show is so magical, that the confusion is quite brief (no pun intended).
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