Fashion One Turns Five

Established in 2010, Fashion One is the brainchild of German business-entrepreneur and artist, Michael Gleissner. His dream was to create a television channel about lifestyle and entertainment focused on inspirational fashion in all aspects of life, and since then Fashion One has come to symbolize art, beauty, glamour, and countless possibilities.

2011 marked the first year for Gleissner’s enterprise, which evolved into high definition resolution and quality, broadcasting 24/7 across the globe. Exclusive interviews with fashion designers, front row seats at all of the most coveted shows, backstage access to the arts and celebrity trends all ensured a strong following of the core programs.

Michael Gleissner did not rest on the laurels of his success, however, and 2012 was onwards and upwards for the businessman. During this year Fashion One created its own content with programs such as Fashion Frontline. In 2013 the non-profit organization Fashion One Foundation was established to support creative, effective, and sustainable measure for global issues, with Light a Million Homes as an example of one of the campaigns built by the foundation.

By 2014 Fashion One had grown its network and was available in Europe, the USA, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The Fashion One Foundation also joined forces with the United Nations to collaborate on issues such as poverty, human trafficking, education and environmental sustainability. Aiming to reach a broader audience, Fashion One gathered Vloggers to create video diaries, and boasted head offices in 6 countries around the world.

In 2015, its fifth year, Fashion One reaches over 100 million viewers worldwide, and aims to be accessible to anyone and everyone. Although a relatively new network, Fashion One’s star looks set to keep on rising.
Fashion One
Fashion One 
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