Christopher Kane Makes Science Sexy with a Passionate Collection to Set Pulse Rates Soaring

Let us show you the highlights of the Christopher Kane presentation at London Fashion Week for the upcoming autumn/winter 2015 season. Take a close up look at the electric and sensual collection from the British born designer.

The collection had undertones of biology with patterns and textures mimicking molecules viewed under a microscope, seductive snake skin and even heart rate monitoring zig zags. This scientific starting point became increasingly clear as the show continued and abstract shapes materialized into cut out hands, limbs and full figures intertwined and wrapping themselves around the models across dresses and gowns.

Other garments included sharply tailored tuxedo suits and overcoats with vivid accent colored lapels as well as ruffle shouldered blouses, pleated skirts and an array of mid length dresses in velvet, lace and chiffon, all accessorized with a mixture of pointed court shoes, ankle boots and leather gloves.

The palette was based in a sea of rich black, accompanied by vibrant red and electric blue as well as some splashes of fuchsia pink in addition to a heavy use of grey and silver. A long lean silhouette was created with asymmetric hems and modest high necklines while the tactile textures combined with perfect color combinations on form hugging garments added up to a very alluring collection. Christopher Kane reminded us that clothes don't need to be revealing in order to be sexy, and this collection will certainly set more than a few heartbeats racing.
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