MUST-SEE: Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Watson, and More as Famous Works of Art

Jack Nicholson as "Portrait of Louis Alexander Fagan" by John Singer Sargent
Emma Watson as "The White Ribbon" by Albert Lynch
Ryan Gosling as 'Portrait de l'Empereur François-Joseph Ier'
Johnny Depp as "Pelt Merchant of Cairo" by Jean-Léon Gerome
Miley Cyrus as "A Spanish Beauty" by Henri-Guillaume Schlesinger
Leonardo DiCaprio as "Autoportrait" by Vincent Van Gogh
Lana Del Rey as "Au Bord de la Mer" by William Adolphe Bouguereau
Rihanna as "Woman in a Red Embroidered Shawl" by Albert Lynch
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Hollywood and art history met in a big way this week. French graphic artist Bénédicte Lacroix’s series of celebrities as famous works of art is all anyone can talk about these days and with good reason. Lacroix transforms headshots of our favorite celebrities and Disney characters into works of art by famed painters like Van Gogh and Albert Lynch.

The series is aptly titled Voyages dans le temps, which translates to “Time Travel”, is an ongoing series that can be found on the artist’s Tumblr. See our favorite transformations in the gallery above!
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