Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are Officially Over

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Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have only been dating for five months, but their relationship has been a tumultuous affair. After weeks of rumors circulating about Patrick’s supposed infidelity, it seems the gossip mill has finally taken a toll on the young couple’s relationship. Sources confirm that Miley and Patrick are not only on a break, but broken up completely.

Miley and Patrick’s relationship took a turn for the worse when Patrick––a student at the USC––was spotted on spring break getting close to several different women. Though he vehemently denied cheating on the 22-year-old, Miley fans were unconvinced.

According to one source at People magazine, “It's not a break. It's done.” While neither party has confirmed this claim, the couple hasn’t been seen out together since the beginning of the month. The source revealed the cause of their split saying, “They're just in two different places in their lives – he's in college and she's focused on her music and career.” RIP Piley/Matrick.
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