Kim Kardashian On Relationships, Raising Children, and Her Post-Baby Body

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Between running multiple businesses, various social media platforms, having her own mobile game and being a mother, Kim Kardashian is one busy lady. The work never stops for the 34-year-old television personality, however, and now she is launching a children’s clothing line––Kardashian Kids––and opening up about relationships, motherhood, and her body post-baby in her free time.

Before the release of her Kardashian Kids line, Kim opened up to Vogue about North West’s budding fashion sense. Kim said about her mini fashionista, “She’s really particular about what she likes to wear, she’s such a girlie girl. Every day she wakes up and says ‘shoes,’” and said that baby Nori loves Chanel and “anything where there’s a little bit of glitz.” Remember North’s moment with her sparkly Frozen suitcase? The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As for her own personal style? Kim reflected on her sartorial tastes post-baby, telling Elle, “when you're losing your pregnancy weight you don't really know how to dress, so that just doesn't count. You just dress as simple as possible. But I think since I've gotten in shape, and I feel good about myself, I dress I think sexier now than I did before,” and we have to agree. Kim’s fashion sense seems decidedly elevated post-baby and she’s looking better than ever before.


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Kim also gave insight into how she balances motherhood, work, and her relationship with Kanye too. She advises all new moms to take 5%-10% of the day for themselves, saying, “it worked for me to be able to get my work out in, make me feel good about myself, put my daughter down to bed at a decent time, and have the night with my husband. So we got into a good routine.”

Kardashian Kids will launch at on April 13 with pieces retailing from $25 to $35, with both girls and boys clothing. So does that mean that Nori may get a little brother? Kim says, “We're doing everything we can. I would be so happy with whatever God gave me, but I mean, eventually, yes, I would love a boy."
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