5 Festival Makeup Essentials

Moisturizing is an absolute must, especially if you’re spending days and nights in the dry, arid heat of the desert. Burt's Bees Miracle Salve is a multi-purpose moisturizer that works on your hands, body and hair. Stay moisturized and save room in your backpack this year.
What's worse than keeping your makeup on all day? Not removing it properly when you finally decide to call it a night. Give your skin a break with these Estée Lauder Take It Away towelettes.
If you didn't have the time or money to book a hotel this year, chances are you're camping outside and showering facilities are hard to come by. Revive your hair with a dry shampoo and conditioner set from Serge Norman.
Eyeliner is essential to life, but especially when it's festival season. Go black or bold with Urban Decay's liquid 24/7 eyeliners. Waterproof, 24/7 wear, what more could you ask for?
Make chipped nail polish and dirty festival hands a thing of the past with these nail stickers by Dior.
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With the first weekend of Coachella kicking off festival season today, we’re making sure that we’ve packed all of our essentials to survive the three day festivities. While many of you have taken makeup precautions to ensure that you look flawless and #selfie ready on Day 1, the real beauty problems start to arise after 24 hours of dancing in the desert. By Day 3, many of us are hiding under wide hats and sunglasses all day and night to hide our smudged eyeliner and dust soaked hair, lest we get tagged in a terrible festival photo for the third year in a row.

This year, we’re making sure that our makeup looks flawless on all three days by paying special attention to the essentials. Put your bad selfie anxiety to rest with our 5 festival makeup must-haves in the gallery above!
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