Gucci Westman to Depart from Revlon

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After seven years as Revlon's global artistic director, makeup artist Gucci Westman will part ways with the cosmetics brand. Revlon gave an official statement to WWD yesterday saying that April 15 would be Westman’s last day with the company.

Although Westman is most known for her position at Revlon, the makeup artist has many industry connections that have helped keep Revlon afloat amidst other high-end cosmetics companies like MAC and Nars, the two favored brands of the runway. Revlon’s senior vice president of global marketing, Martine Williamson, stated to WWD, “[Westman] helped elevate the brand within the world of fashion and inspired us to push the envelope in the color collection category,” acknowledging Westman’s obvious influence.

Westman is also responsible for introducing Revlon’s Color Stories collections to the brand and is credited with creating influential makeup looks in the industry for labels like Marchesa and Rag & Bone.

Despite Westman’s abrupt departure, everyone seems to be in positive spirits. Williamson was all well wishes saying, “Gucci has left a lasting impression on our brand that will not be soon forgotten. We wish her all the best going forward in her exciting and colorful career.” Westman was also optimistic about her leave saying, “It's been an incredible seven years [...] This was a great chapter in my career, and I'm excited for all that's ahead."

Westman’s replacement and next career move have yet to be announced, but we look forward to seeing what both parties do next.
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