Kim Get’s 30 Million Followers on Twitter, Kanye Celebrates by Posting Nudes

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Kim has reached a milestone in her social media career by reaching 30 million followers on Twitter. While many people would merely tweet a simple thanks to their followers, that wasn’t enough for Kimye. Kanye took it upon himself to thank all of Kim’s fans with never before seen nudes of his wife.

Though Kim has been silent about her Twitter takeover, Kanye’s tweets––and pics––expressed enough excitement for the both of them. Kanye tweeted “SWISH”, “I’M SO LUCKY”, and “CONGRATS BABY” with multiple revealing photos of his wife.

While many stars go out of their way to remove their nudes from the internet, Kim just replied by saying how “cute” her husband is.

Kanye also congratulated Kim on the premiere of season 10 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where Kim revealed that her and Kanye have slept together “500 times a day” in an attempt to have a second baby.
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