You Only Live Twice, and the second time is in Thailand!

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Award-winning Autogyro Cavalon landed for the 1st time at the world famous island Phuket, Thailand and swept up awards at the General Aviation Thailand Open, King's Cup and Crown Prince's Cup 2014 by team 'By The Air'.

Once in a while we hear news that is just so good that I must share, and THIS is one of those. Imagine the beautiful island lifestyle, sunny tropical weather, white sandy beaches with coconut trees with a drink in your hand while lying on the beach. Perfect right?!? NOW, imagine that plus the sexiest yellow gyrocopter that you have ever seen ready to take you to James Bond islands in Phang-nga. Now that is the ultimate island lifestyle!

I recently learned that the award winning Autogyro Cavalon, the top model from the German company Auto Gyro has arrived for the first time in Thailand. The Cavalon if it was a car, is comparable to the Rolls Royce or Lamborghini. The design, built and technology is top of the line and it has swept up awards such as the prestigious Red Dot Award 2012 winner and the German Design Award 2014.

I have never flown on a gyrocopter before and had no idea what an AUTOGYRO was. Like most people, I thought it was a helicopter. And I was fortunate enough to have the chance to fly with one of the best Gyro instructors in the field, Tim Morell with big thanks to Torben Busk Jensen and Best Wanamakok for the opportunity. I felt very safe since the Cavalon was stable and very smooth and with a short rolling length on the runway we lifted off like an airplane (it doesn't hover off the ground).

The view from above was truly spectacular because we had to fly between 500-1,000 feet (as an ultra-light aircraft) which is great because we get to fly low and over beaches, wave to people and pass over luxury yachts. Tim, with over 2,200 hours on the Gyro, also did some amazing stunts like sharp banking (probably to show-off his skills!) next to the islands and I felt like I was on a roller coaster (I LOVE roller coasters) and I had the thrill of my life! So if you love adventures, nature, flying, being different or being the first then you have to do a trial flight with By The Air. You will have the time of your life!

Just this past week, By The Air joined for the first time the General Aviation Thailand Open, King's Cup and Crown Prince's Cup 2014 which is a big deal in Thailand and took up 7 awards! For the full story, visit By The Air to read all about their adventure and how they were almost kicked off the competition from lack of information. In total, the By The Air team won 1st place for Spot Landing with Torben winning 2nd place for Spot Landing and Flour Bombing. Best won 1st place for Spot Landing and 3rd place for Flour Bombing and their first student Arnaud Verstraete winning 1st place in Flour Bombing and 3rd in Spot Landing.

I have been so impressed with the Gyrocopter, its performance and delivery as well as the kindness and professionalism of the team involved. I can only wish them the best of luck in their future with their Aviation School in Phuket and may the wind take them wherever their dreams go!

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