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A life is best remembered through moments we share; precious and organic.

In this fast-paced world and the boom with social media and photo sharing, capturing a moment and telling your friends about it seems to be on top of everyone's list.

I recently met a hidden gem through my best friend Kui while him and his friend Nin was taking a vacation in Phuket. Kui said excitedly on the phone, "My friend Joyce is a photographer and he looooves taking people photos so he want to take photos of us!" I was like, "Sure, why not!" I had no idea that I was in for a treat!

Before I found out what a great photographer Joyce was, I learned that he was a great baby-sister. Imagine us girls with these big beach bags walking towards Kata Beach and we both have two kids to take care of. Its not an easy task!

Walking onto the white sand beach with the golden sunlight shining low in the sky, the beach's setting looked like a set in a production. It was absolutely perfect just the way it is. People was just tanning and chilling out on their beach chairs. Kui and I felt immediately relaxed when our kids went screaming towards the sand and sea.

Of course since Joyce is a professional, he didn't let us relax too much. He was very good in instructing us on what he wanted to capture so we tried our best to pose naturally as he instructed. We actually felt like stars on the beach because the other beach-goers started crowding around just to see what was going on.

Let's pass it over to Joyce so he can speak for itself. If you want to see more of his work, please visit

Nogrid Photography Nogrid Photography Nogrid Photography Nogrid Photography
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