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With London Fashion Week fast approaching, the time has come for me to take serious action to get ready to be amongst the models once more. After weeks of preparing and filming a very delicious new cooking show for Fashion One, it certainly it time to hit the gym ready for the S/S14 runways in September.

Now everyone knows, working out is great and makes you feel amazing however its not always the most glamourous thing to do. Tracksuits and gym wear can be unappealing and theres nothing worse than putting on something you don't feel comfortable in. This is where my search began. I needed fabulous, colourful and exciting sportswear which would make me feel secure and still look good. I thought I was up for a serious challenge, until a friend introduced me to DO.

As a fashion lover, I'm always interested in checking out new brands and this label seemed just too good to be true. A real leader in sports wear, this brand really hits the nail on the head for inspiration and making the wearer look seriously cool.

I wanted to meet these guys in person, so trotted on down to Torquay to DO's head office to meet the brains behind the brand. Now unlike fashion items where the focus is purely looking good, with work out clothes they have to assist with the wearers performance, have to fit well and adapt to numerous situations. I had to put DO to the test.

Kitted up, I headed down to the beach for a quick run to sample the clothing first hand and its official.... I am in love. DO ticks so many boxes for fit, comfort and whats even better the colour palettes are so vivid it is right up my street.

Do Unlimited

Do Unlimited

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I felt amazing....

Now for the hard part. Getting fit.... and Fashion One bootcamp is calling!


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