Boat Pose for Third Chakra

There is something really rewarding about working out your stomach. It makes me feel strong and powerful, as if I could do anything. I can't really tell that I worked out if I haven't activated my abs. A great exercise to do so, is the yoga pose boat pose. image
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I personally do 3 series of 10 reps each. Start by holding the pose for about 3 breaths then lower both your legs and upper body to the ground, so it almost touches it. Then lift yourself back up, hold for a breath and lower again. It may seem hard at first, but it is a good workout and you'll definitely feel the burn. If that is too much, you can simply just hold the boat pose for a few breaths or do a half-boat pose with bent knees, as shown in the third picture. Maintain for 3-5 breaths or until you start shaking. The longer you hold the pose as your body is shaking, the more muscle you build. Release by doing Camel pose, a shown in the last picture. You will feel free and satisfied.

These exercises are responsible for opening the third chakra which stimulates the energy in the so-called Solar Plexus chakra. It is somewhere slightly above your navel and between your solar plexus. It corresponds to the yellow color and deals with the life force and the vital breath also known as chi. A weak Third Chakra can be identified by poor digestion or eating disorders, lack of confidence and inability of finding joy in simple things. To build up a strong third chakra, that will empower your career, intelligence, keep you happy and free you from inhibitions, do these exercises. I also love doing chakra meditaton, try this one

I find it both cleansing and relaxing, but also refreshing at the same time.
Photograpphy by CEBB /Pants from Terranova

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