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Photoshoots are always more fun and interesting when you have not only a theme but also a story. Having worked as a commercial model for years, I feel very relaxed in front of the camera but it was rare to work with a stylist on a shoot that was tailored specifically for me, not for a brand. As a result, this has become my most favourite shoot of all time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to fashion one of the most important things is to dress for your body. As this shoot was tailored for me, my stylist and I decided to accentuate my Spanish features. Hence the outcome, ‘A Spanish Siesta’.

Fashion One - Henrietta Moore

Henriette Moore

It was the photographer’s idea to shoot against the backdrop of the clothing line, creating a stark contrast to the glamorous attire. Not only do the colours on the line create a nice twist in the image, but the corrugated iron face connotes a raw feeling.


Henrietta Lily Moore

Again, it was the photographer who wanted to shoot this old school racing car. I always find it fascinating to see how shooting the same outfit with different props can produce starkly different results. The mood of these images is certainly rather old school, over-the-top glamour.

Henrietta Lily Moore

From shoots in the past, I’ve found my look to be quite old fashioned so I LOVE shoots in black and white as I feel they highlight my ‘vintage’ features.

Which pair of images do you like the most?
Until the next shoot…
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Henrietta x
Henrietta Moore
Henrietta  Moore
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