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International stylist Rachel Anthony joins Fashion One's pool of fashion experts as she hosts this season's Front Row with co-host, David Provost.

Here's a one on one interview with the stylish chic.

What will you bring to Front Row’s second season?
I’ll have witty, candid, and honest opinion with humour, which will ensure that the audience can be entertained.

I have a strong background in the business of fashion and this would be an advantage as it ensures that my comments will not just be one dimensional, but 3 dimensional - an opinion as a spectator, an opinion based on facts and figures, and an opinion based on the reality of fashion as a business.

How do you critique on something that is not desirable?
There’s a way of criticizing a designer’s work without bashing or insulting the designer. It’s a constructive criticism.

Designers are already used to dealing with a lot of criticism so whatever you say, it’s nothing they haven’t heard already. I am not afraid to give my opinion with respect.

What do you want leave with the audience after watching Front Row?
They will have a credible opinion of fashion; one based on facts, but in a quite energetic and funny way that people would enjoy and at the same time have a genuine understanding of the fashion issue. I want people to really enjoy the show and understand the industry much better.

What can you say about the fashion industry as a whole?
The Fashion Industry is like a Big Soap Opera, it’s constantly full of drama, but most importantly, it is also a very efficient machine of an industry, which affects every economy worldwide.

About Rachel
Rachel Anthony is a Fashion Director based in London, with an international portfolio of clients. Recent projects have included clients for the Academy Awards, BAFTA Events, and MTV Awards.

She is a Freelance Fashion Editor and writer for numerous global publications. Rachel is also a Stylist and Creative Consultant on projects ranging from runway to fashion editorials, music videos and corporate branding consultation.

In 2010, she joined forces with Designer Emma Griffiths to re-launch the luxury women’s wear label Emma Griffiths London as partner and Managing Director.

Rachel joins Fashion One for two of the network's productions, as expert host for the catwalk chat show Front Row and as style judge for the upcoming reality series, Style Wars.

About Front Row
A fun and informative furrow into fashion’s hottest property’s and the latest from the four must see fashion weeks, with a nod to the cultural influence of global trends, the quirkier indie scene, the historical importance of leading contemporary designers and the economic value of the industry as a whole. ‘Front Row’ is more than just a fashion reportage show; with seasonal critique, obligatory controversy and some well-tailored tittle-tattle, this six part series aims to be mind boggling, bohemian, conceptual, audaciously creative and above all, fun.

Watch Front Row every Thursdays at 8:15pm (Asia GMT+8 / Europe except UK and Africa GMT+2), exclusively on Fashion One.

Author: Carissa Chiu with Rachel Anthony (interviewee)

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