Perth Fashion Festival – Designer Capsule 1

The first of a series of Designer Capsule shows, a concept born to give opportunity to young and upcoming designers to create their own personalized runway show. Each designer is able to showcase 15 to 20 looks, Create and control their own runway theme, hair, make-up, lighting and choice of models allowing them to maximise on their creative vision for each individual runway display. Capsule #1 saw designs from four extremely talented local labels The Butcher and The Crow, Lisa Marjanovich, ZSADAR and Daniella Caputi. Each of the four labels showcasing unique displays, though a few strong trends were prominent in the show as a whole; Bold structures, modern silhouettes, draping soft tailoring and plenty of panelling. A standout of the capsule and one of very few menswear designers showcasing at the festival was the “Mysteries of the Organism” collection by designer Shane Newton of ZSADAR. Exploring the idea of mutated beauty and unconventional pattern making with a flesh and earthy palette, it featured custom made runway jewellery by another talented local designer Alister Yiap and special octopi like runway effects by Freena Hamilton of Mastery of FX. Photo credits: Stefan Gosati Author: Alia Bannani

Designs by The Butcher and The Crow

Designs by Lisa Marjanovich

Designs by ZSADAR

Designs by Danielle Caputi

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