Accessory Spotlight: Woven Accessories

With the sunny, summer months ahead, the most popular ensembles consist of vivid pops of color or vibrantly printed patterns. An ideal way to turn this bright summer look instantly chic is with a neutral hue. Instead of sporting the same shade of beige, make it interesting with textural details. This is exactly what luxury brand designers are doing by utilizing braided or woven accents like wicker, straw, or rattan on everything from shoes, handbags, wallets, and more. These elements add a breezy, resort quality to merchandise with a warm-weather feel. This is not a new fashion phenomenon; in fact, this material has been used for decades on various top handles, as decorative appliqués, or with metal and animal skin embellishments. These items can be paired to perfection with sheer dresses, pantsuits, or shift minis and maxis. The latest basket-weave creations are a great way to elevate daytime looks or simplify evening apparel. Try some of the examples below or discover your own favorite woven accessory.

Camila Skovgaard woven sandals

Christian Dior Woven Bag

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