Chanel’s Little Black Jacket

The luxurious and iconic brand Chanel is known for its classic and tasteful look, ranging from their signature pleated purses to their diamond earrings bearing the Chanel logo. One Chanel style that will forever stay in fashion is the very classic Little Black Jacket. A simple button up designed in the 60's, the jacket is still a sought out item for any fashionista's closet. "The Chanel jacket has become the symbol of a certain elegance, feminine, with an air of nonchalance, classic and timeless, that is of all times,” said Karl Lagerfeld. Famed German fashion designer, Karl Largerfeld, and former editor in chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, have teamed up for the ultimate fashion coffee table book, called simply "The Little Black Jacket." The book is set to come out on August 15th later this year and it will feature over a hundred celebrities, models, artists, and designers wearing the iconic piece of outerwear in their own, unique way. "The jacket suits everyone and likens it to an elegant version of the denim jacket. It’s success and iconic status lies in its versatility. Wear it with an evening dress or jeans and the jacket works, lifting you from marginally well dressed to effortlessly put-together," said Carine Roitfeld. Chanel has released several images from the coming book on a special website. We picked some of our favorites from the few that have been released. Which one do you like best?

Actress, Uma Thurman, takes over the photograph with her magnetic beauty and powerful face. You can't help but stare into her eyes. But don't forget, she's wearing the little black jacket with a ruffled shirt. Even though the photograph is black and white, it feels full of color and life.

18 year old identical twin models, Sama and Haya Abu Khadr, wear the jacket in a classic go-to-work style. The photograph is a fun play on their sisterhood. If you look closely, you can tell who is who.

Musician, Lily Allen, shows her softer side wearing the jacket over a lacy long sleeve top and jeans. The photo shows how the jacket can be worn casually to give a simple outfit an elegant kick.

Actress, Kirsten Dunst, gets sexual, revealing her midriff in a cut off top and sequined maxi skirt. Throwing the jacket off her shoulder casually, Dunst is ready to strut her stuff in Chanel style.

Hip Hop producer and rapper, Kanye West, shows that the Chanel jacket can also be pulled off by men. Wearing leather pants and a casual shirt, the jacket is the centerpiece of his outfit.

Actress and singer, Jane Birkin, holds the iconic Birkin bag, designed by Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas after sitting next to Birkin on a flight. Can you believe this woman is 65 years old? She wears the jacket with worn jeans and a natural smile.

Hudson Kroeing is the three-year-old son of model Brad Kroeing and he's getting a start on his modeling portfolio quite early. Looking absolutely adorable in a tie paired with jeans and Converse sneakers, this photo proves that even little kids can pull off Chanel in a fashionable manner.

The beautiful 13 year old actress, Elle Fanning, is an elegant flowerchild in this photo.

We have all watched the now 18 year old actress, Dakota Fanning, grow up before our eyes. She now models for Marc Jacobs. In this photo she sports dramatic makeup paired with ethereal white dress and the black Chanel jacket as the go-to piece.

Don't be fooled! This is Elizabeth Olson, the younger sister of the Olson twins. Now a successful actress in her own right, Elizabeth stuns us with her own individuality.

Style icon, Daphne Guiness makes this photo her own with excessive jewelry and fabulous makeup. The jacket is perfect to pair with her various couture outfits.

Singer and songwriter, Ayo towers high in this photo in runway platform heels. Wearing the jacket on its own with a matching skirt, Ayo looks like the rockstar she is.

The wife of the late John Lennon, Yoko Ono, shows off her eccentric personality. Wearing a tophat, thick sunglasses, and all black, Yoko Ono, shows that she can be fashionable.

Rapper, Theophilus London, represents hip hop fashion in this fun photograph. Sporting a Chanel hat and an all white outfit, the successful Brooklyn rapper pulls off the jacket perfectly.

South Korean model and actress, Song Hye-Kyo, adds her own clip on accessories to the jacket. Her outfit is roller disco ready and adorable.

[image source: Chanel]
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